Current Initiatives

With the launch of the PREMA platform coming up in Q3 2023, we are currently focusing on the development of core technologies (NFC and AQR), traceability system development, PREMA chain development, NFT product development, Metaverse blockchain game development, and guild formation. Please see the Roadmap section for additional initiatives and specific timelines.

Development of Core Technology

PREMA Wallet has already implemented NFC functionality. It is currently undergoing a demonstration test for AQR implementation and will be ready by Q4 2022. For more information on the specifics of the technology and how it will be used, please refer to the section on the technology that the PREMA platform will employ.

Development of traceability systems

By utilizing AQR, NFC, and blockchain to relate the NFT to the real world, it is possible to bring an interactive relationship between the physical product/space and the Web3. In addition to being able to manage logistics, adding data to NFT transactions can create new communication opportunities, such as airdrops directly from the producer side to the end purchaser.

Development of the PREMA Chain

The PREMA platform requires not only NFT transactions in the marketplace, but also the creation of a stable environment for blockchain games, metaverse, and traceability systems, as well as financial services to support the ecosystem. We also need to curb the GAS that users will have to bear. We are developing our own PREMA chain to optimize the use of the PREMA platform.

NFT Product Development

Digital collectibles and trading cards based on powerful content owned by partners such as Yoshimoto Kogyo and Tsuburaya Productions will be developed. In addition to purchasing digital products directly at PREMA X, AQR and NFC allow users to purchase physical card packs at convenience stores and other retail outlets and earn NFTs by reading the cards after opening them. NFTs linked to the Metaverse blockchain game can be used within said service.

Metaverse and Blockchain Game Development

We are developing several titles in-house as well as in partnership with external projects, initially targeting the Asian market, which accounts for 50% of the world's game player population.

RPG Bloackchain Game "ID-0"

Based on the anime "ID-0," which is currently available exclusively on Netflix, this RPG game allows players to customize I-machines with a collection of NFT parts and pit them against each other. The game allows players to buy and sell parts and items, and to create new parts through parts development.

NFT will be available for pre-sale.

Primary Industry Blockchain Game "PIAS"

As you work on the blockchain game, you will receive real-world primary products via the PREMA platform. The blockchain game will take full advantage of the PREMA platform as a hub connecting the digital and physical worlds. The game also aims to give a portion of the profits generated from the blockchain game back to farmers in the real world, thus playing a part in contributing to society while playing the game.

Guild Composition

A gaming guild is a community of players within an online game, and in the P2E realm, there are guilds worldwide, such as Yield Guild Games (YGG). There, they form a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), a highly transparent organization without a central administrator, and an ecosystem in which participants receive support from the organization and are compensated while achieving the organization's goals. In other words, game guilds are now more than just an organization to find people to play with, but have grown into an organization that helps users to play comfortably.

In order to promote the use of the content that accompanies the original blockchain games that are a component of the platform, PREMA has formed its own gaming guild, Samurai Guild Games, which is now rapidly growing into a community. Many KOLs, including well-known game players and administrators of existing game guilds, are set to join here, which will overwhelmingly accelerate the growth of blockchain games offered by PREMA.

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