Token Distribution

The initial distribution of PREMA tokens is as follows:

1. Accelerators: 15%. Allocation to accelerators such as sponsors in the early stages of the project, to be allocated according to their contribution to the early realization of the roadmap.

2. Marketing: 30%. Allocation for community building, airdrops for user contributions to the platform, etc.

3. Ecosystem: 45%. This allocation is mainly reserved for the platform's service providers, including companies. It also includes allocations for contributors to the development, maintenance, and management of the platform, such as the development of traceability systems, migration to proprietary blockchains, and legal and tax experts, as well as grants for developers who contribute to the development of the platform in the early project phases.

4. Team: 10%. This is an allocation as an incentive, a success fee, for team members who contribute to the development of the project, including listing on the Exchange, platform and application development, and financial activities. All such allocations will be locked up for two years from the first listing on the Exchange.

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