We have designed a highly sustainable token ecosystem to enable the PREMA platform.

PREMA tokens will be the value foundation supporting the PREMA platform, where anyone can access the necessary utilities of URLs and IRLs at any time. It will also function as the native token of the said blockchain as soon as the development of the PREMA chain is completed in the future.

Users can communicate across URL and IRL boundaries by using PREMA tokens on the PREMA platform.

PREMA tokens can be used for gas payments in the PREMA chain and as a means of payment in the PREMA platform, as well as for SCM (Supply Chain Management) by service providers in the PREMA platform and as an incentive for service users. The traceability system can be used to record not only Web3 activities but also IRL activities, allowing service providers to monitor the distribution status to intermediate users and end users and to communicate directly and interactively with them. interactive communication. Service providers will be able to procure PREMA tokens from the market for efficient SCM and provide incentives to users based on their expected activities for more accurate and easier marketing.

Other utilities

Users can lock PREMA tokens to obtain the following utilities depending on their duration and quantity

- Priority guidance for Free Mint and White List of NFTs - Priority guidance for use in NFT's URL and IRL - Discounts on trading commissions - Access to platform extensions

We have issued NFTs in partnership with a number of well-known IPs and have plans to do so in the future. We will provide priority guidance for Free Mints and White Lists for these NFTs and NFTs for projects using the PREMA platform.

NFT holders can use their NFTs to increase their value and earn lending fees.

In addition, PREMA X offers reduced transaction fees, market analysis capabilities, and access to SCM and marketing enhancements to help service providers build strong sales positions.

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