PREMA X Specifications

PREMA X is a marketplace for NFTs, and the PREMA Wallet provides a one-tap connection to PREMA X, allowing users to buy, sell, and exchange NFTs without the need to understand the blockchain.

Existing users can also use their existing wallets, such as Metamask, to access PREMA X without having to change their environment.

PREMA X can be used to create individual markets for NFTs, as well as a comprehensive marketplace like a shopping mall that gathers all of these markets.

Users can browse and trade all NFTs deployed in the respective stores of the comprehensive NFT market.

Users can view and trade NFTs developed for each NFT project in individual markets, as well as view detailed information about the project and news distributed by the project.

Each comprehensive NFT market can be customized according to the target market, not only in terms of the stores it handles, but also in terms of the blockchain and payment currency used.

All operations on PREMA X are designed to be performed via smart contracts, so there is no human error in the process and no need for complicated management.

Also, operation is simple, and users can issue NFTs simply by registering the digital data they wish to sell from the creation page. In addition to selling at a specific price, the system also supports an auction format.

NFTs from stores that are linked to the comprehensive NFT market are sold in the comprehensive NFT market at the same time as they are sold in the stores.

In addition, NFTs can be easily created on PREMA X, as well as by using proprietary contracts.

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