Technology to be Adopted in the PREMA Platform

The PREMA platform features the uniqueness of using NFC and AQR to connect the real world and blockchain in a highly secure and easy way. This allows for an "experiential" real world/Web3 interface.

In compliance with these core technologies, we are currently developing a traceability system and PREMA chain.

NFC Technology

NFC is an international standard for short-range wireless communication technology that enables communication by bringing devices close together at a distance of about 10 cm. The technology enables communication by the act of holding the device over a surface. In Japan, NFC is used in a wide variety of products, including transportation IC cards such as Suica.

In the PREMA platform, NFC tags are designed to be used as contactless root boxes, allowing users to simply touch the device to the tag to obtain a token.

NFC tags can also be placed anywhere, and custom passwords can be set to deliver gifts to the appropriate users.

Since gifts from NFC tags trigger an actual visit by the user in the real world, it is expected to be used as a new marketing method to help increase service conversion rates.

AQR Technology

AQR is a patented technology of A-T Communications Inc. By using this technology, users can use QR Codes with peace of mind.

After the data protected by AQR is super-randomized, it is divided into piece data and chaos data. The piece data is coded by AQR and the chaos data is stored on the server. The two are combined together to form meaningful data, eliminating the risk of information assets being stolen even if the server is hacked.

In addition, recently there have been many phishing scams in which the website looks exactly the same as the official website, but when you connect your wallet, you are robbed of all your holdings. This is an effective way to avoid damage.

By combining A/T Communications Corporation's AQR patent with X-Creation Corporation's patent, PREMA is able to exclusively use AQR technology to develop services in the NFT domain.

For more information on AQR technology, please visit the A・TCommunications Co., Ltd. website.

By utilizing these technologies, users can easily and safely sell NFTs through tangible objects.

This means that existing sales channels such as card packs, gacha-gacha, vending machines, and shokugan can be utilized, bringing significant innovation to the existing market.

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