Our Achievements to Date

We started our NFT business in 2017 after a series of research, development and demonstration of blockchain technology with partners in Australia and Singapore. Our main products are Japanese entertainment-themed digital assets such as "JO1 Digital Message Trading Cards" and "Yoshimoto Digital Koreka".

JO1 Digital Message Trading Cards" are NFT digital trading cards featuring JO1, a Japanese global male idol group.

There are two ways to obtain NFTs: by accessing the JO1 Digital Message Trading Card Store via browser or application (iOS/Android), or by scanning the QR code enclosed in the music CD with the dedicated application.

The application has had 2.1 million total transactions and the website has over 300,000 total UUs.

In addition, "Yoshimoto Digital Koreka" is an NFT trading card featuring famous Japanese comedians.

NFTs can be acquired by accessing and purchasing from the Yoshimoto Digital Koreka Store via a browser or application (iOS/Android), or by scanning a Yoshimoto Koreka QR card.

A portion of the proceeds from the distribution market of such NFTs is returned to the rights holders, and the more active the trading is, the more comedians can be supported.

The application has had a total of 630,000 transactions and the website has a cumulative total of over 140,000 UUs.

Both products also allow for Fiat payments without crypto assets, making it easy for users to use the service.

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