PREMA Wallet Specifications

PREMA Wallet is a multilingual multi-chain wallet optimized for use with PREMA X. Anyone can create an account by downloading the application from the AppStore or Google Play and completing a simple setup.

In addition to crypto asset payments, credit card, QR code, and carrier payments are also supported, allowing users who do not use crypto assets to buy and sell NFTs.

For crypto assets, the following eight types of chains are currently supported

The number of supported chains will be flexibly expanded in response to user needs, and the status of support will be announced on the company website.

Crypto asset payments on PREMA X can be made using the native tokens of the above blockchain and several other major tokens to purchase NFTs.

The "Yoshimoto Digital Koreka" and other products currently on sale use TomoChain; TomoChain uses meta-transactions, which allows the platform to bear the gas and the user to make transactions that do not require gas.

For sending tokens, TomoChain supports entering addresses and reading QR codes. For receiving tokens, NFC and QR code reading are supported as well as address and QR code sharing.

In addition to storing private key memos, backup files and NFC hardware wallets (NFC key cards) are also available for backup. By using these methods, the risk of losing private keys is eliminated and the risk of theft or loss is reduced, and secure and highly recoverable backups can be performed.

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